My literate Emacs configuration
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Quote from /earnestma/earnemacs/src/branch/main/

Hello, and welcome to my personal Emacs configuration!

Some background: I discovered Emacs in August 2019 and have been using it on and off since, with different configurations (my own, Spacemacs, Doom Emacs, etc.). This is my attempt to stay in one config and use it consistently.

Hopefully, having a literate configuration will help keep things organized.

It is generally agreed upon (me included) that GNU Emacs runs slower on Windows; my main laptop runs Windows 10 (Secondary is Ubuntu 20.04 at the moment).

  • The classic memory/ garbage collection (early-init.el).

  • straight.el package management: Defer all packages from loading until needed except if they are :demand ed.

  • Please let me know of other ways to improve performance/ init time.

I am also doing some versioning (using Git tags) to keep myself on track: changes will be made on develop and merged to master before each tag. To see major changes, you may view the message of each tag.

Most of the config is kept in /earnestma/earnemacs/src/branch/main/ and tangled to `config.el`.

An HTML version of is available here:, based on the latest version.


Install the Jetbrains Mono font (which is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1), and run M-x all-the-icons-install-fonts.

# Back up your previous config
mv ~/.config/emacs ~/.config/emacs.bak  # or subtitute for ~/.emacs.d throughout

# Clone repo
git clone ~/.config/emacs

# OPTIONAL - checkout develop branch
cd ~/.config/emacs ; git checkout develop

# Run Emacs!


I use Emacs 27.1 daily - Windows mainly and also GNU/Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). Although not tested, this config will probably work for Emacs 26+ and for Emacs HEAD.