Dotfiles managed with yadm
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My dotfiles

git repo github mirror

My personal dotfiles, managed using yadm.

Programs I use

  • Dotfiles management: yadm
  • Git repos management: ghq

A more comprehensive list is available on my wiki (when it's fixed).


I use these on a daily basis:

  • Windows 10 (primary laptop, sadly)
    • Install:
      • Windows Terminal, Git Bash, Gpg4Win
      • Scoop (Powershell:
        • Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -scope CurrentUser
        • iwr -useb | iex
      • Install yadm:
        • scoop install curl ; curl -L -o ~/bin/yadm ; export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH
        • yadm config local.os Win10 ; yadm clone -b dots ; yadm checkout dots
    • Manually symlink/ junction paths as needed 🤔
    • Environment variables to set through control panel
  • GNU/Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (regular and Xubuntu)
    • Install ghq: go get